Dr. Michael Byun

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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I went to Dr. Byun to see if he could perform a procedure to correct my enlarged jaw line (called mandible reduction). Not only did I want a slimmer jaw line that was more proportional to the rest of my facial features, but I was hoping the procedure would relieve the tension and discomfort that I regularly felt in my jaw. Dr. Byun was able to perform the procedure by shaving off both bone and muscle from both sides of my jaw. The results are absolutely remarkable. Not only was he able to achieve the slimmer, more proportional facial appearance that I desired, but the tension in my jaw has disappeared. I have continued to see Dr. Byun about every six months for Botox injections in the jaw muscles in order to help prevent and weaken re-growth of these muscles.

I felt very discouraged before seeing Dr. Byun. I went to a number of different cosmetic surgeons, and none were experienced or felt comfortable enough to perform the procedure. I only wish that Dr. Byun was the first visit on my list. I also wish that this was a more publicized procedure.

  • Patient: Female
  • Procedures: Reduction prominent angle of the mandible