Dr. Michael Byun

Best Plastic Surgeon


Dr Byun utilizes an innovative technique in performing buttock augmentation (also known as the Brazilian lift).

Dr Byun has been a leading plastic surgeon who has been acknowledged as a Top Doctor & Plastic Surgeon by many groups both nationally and internationally..


His approach involves the use of a customized, FDA approved implant which is both safe and effective in providing superior results. In performing the procedure, he insists on the placing of the implant under the gluteal muscle, as this reduces the risk of surgical complications such as infection, seroma, and implant displacement. In fact, Dr Byun always says "no" to implant placement above the muscle. As a further divulgence, he hides the visible scar associated with the procedure by utilizing the technique of making a "V" shaped incision placed at the area of the tailbone. He rejects the practice of making incisions at the gluteal folds because it often results in the unwanted migration of the implant into the crease of the buttock. He also frowns upon the concept of a making a single verticle incision above anus because when this technique is employed dehiscens (opening of the wound) and infection are more likely to occur. He developed the "V" shaped incision to reduce these adverse occurrences. For those clients for whom a silicone implant is not an option, he offers fat grafting-- a procedure in which fat is harvested from body areas with fatty surplus and then transferred to the buttocks to complete the cosmetic transformation. This procedure is often "staged" (performed in increments) because the rapid depositing of a large volume of fat can lead to fat necrosis. When this occurs some of the fat dies and then liquefies, possibly leading to hard lumps and irregularities.

Trying customized implants