Facial enhancement is a complex art and if performed correctly, won't look tight or unnatural. This is where Dr.Byun's extra training in facial enhancement is crucial. He is an expert in the latest facelift/face lift techniques--the procedures that will produce a more natural look. There are a variety of surgery options. Within days, you can return to your full activity with a new, rejuvenated outlook on life.

When should I consider a facelift/face lift?
The time to consider having facial surgery is determined by many factors. Age, tissue quality and aesthetics all play a part in it, but ultimately there will simply come a time when that reflection in the mirror will fail to truly represent you.

What is a facelift/face lift?
A facelift/face lift is the repair and rearrangement of the tissues beneath the skin to return the contours of the face to an appearance that is more youthful and resilient.

How is it done?
Dr. Byun takes a different approach from most surgeons; addressing the often-ignored "midface" area--the region beneath the eyes which drifts downward causing a fold or crease between the nose and mouth. Although this is the area that bothers many patients the most, it is not one that is repaired by the more popular facelift/face lift techniques. Dr. Byun's attention to this area sets him apart from other surgeons, and results in a balanced, natural appearance.


Do you always look tired? Sad? Or upset? Does your face seem to mask the happier more youthful person inside?  Well luckily there is a solution for you!

What can I do for these problems?

The midface lift, also known as the vertical face life, solves all these problems. The midface lift engages the problem areas of the cheek and jowl where most of the drooping occurs, giving the face a naturally younger look. In the last 10 years Dr. Michael Byun has developed new techniques like this to get you the best results.


What techniques separate him from other plastic surgeons?

Dr. Byun uses a suture called the Endotine Coapt Suture. He makes an incision along the hairline above the forehead. (All incisions are made to be hidden from the naked eye.) He then inserts the suture into the cheek area. This is an area in which Dr. Byun has found that it helps to hold the cheek and malar fat pad in place while all the tissues reattach themselves. He then makes another incision along the natural outline of the ear. This specific incision incorporates the jowl (jaw) area. Once the incision has been made he retracts all excess skin giving the face its desired lift.

Dr. Byun's Midface Lift Technique


The technique was presented in video form at the National Plastic Surgery Meeting at the American College of Surgeons in Orlando in the May of 1998. The delicate aging process of the midface involves the relationships between the lower eye, the cheek area, and the corner of the mouth. Thus the process of one area affects the other. The concept of Dr Byun's facelift/face lift is to restore the natural youthful disposition of the cheek by elevating the descended malar cheek pad through very small incisions therefore helping to reshape the central face and achieving a revitalized look.


How much down time is involved?

You will have to come back to see Dr.Byun one week post surgery to have all sutures removed. The Endotine Coapt Suture will dissolve on its own throughout a 6 month period. You will feel it but no one will know its there. You will experience significant swelling 24-72 hours post surgery. Also, significant bruising will occur. Make-up may be applied 3 days post surgery to confine bruising. You should allow 3-6 months for complete healing and 3-4 weeks until returning to work with light duty.


How do I make an appointment?

You can call us at 847-513-6899 from 9-5:30 p.m.

How will I know I won't have that "wind-tunnel," tight look?
Many surgeons rely on a tight pull in their technique, resulting in the "facelift/face lift look" which looks unnatural and too "done." Dr. Byun works on the various facets of the face individually, restoring contour and turning back time gently.

Our goal is to return vitality to your natural appearance.