The eyes are the windows to your age, so awaken your youthfulness. Dr. Byun's technique results in minimal bruising, with recovery in days, not weeks.

What is a blepharoplasty?
This is surgery performed on either the upper or lower eyelids to correct bulging fat pads, extra or sagging skin, repair muscle, and to ease away that "tired" look.

Eyelid surgery should not be a "one-size-fits-all" deal. Dr. Byun will carefully analyze the area surrounding the eye to determine problem areas before making his recommendations for correction. Specific concerns, such as bags under the eyes or dark circles require special attention. Dark circles, for example, are caused by thinning skin, which allows underlying structures such as muscle, to show through. Correction for this involves a procedure that Dr. Byun is known for - midface rejuvenation. This procedure relocates sagging tissue back up under the eye to fill the hollow and correct the dark color. If there is no excess skin beneath the eye, but there are bulging fat pads, these can be removed from inside the lower eyelid, resulting in correction without a scar. As you can see, eyelid surgery must be customized carefully to give optimal results. Extensive knowledge and training allow innovation and flexibility.

Is there much recovery involved?
No. If there are stitches, they are removed in a few days. Some bruising may occur, but sunglasses easily cover the evidence.

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Do you have bags under your eyes? Do you look like you haven't slept in days? Well luckily there is a solution for you!

What can I do for this problem?
The lower eye lid blepharoplasty is done to reduce bulging of the lower lid which helps you look less tired and worn down.

What makes his approach different from other plastic surgeons?
Dr. Byun has two approaches which are the subcilliary and the transconjunctival approach.
The subcilliary approach is recommended for patients with excess bulging of the lower lid along with skin wrinkles along the eye area. The incision follows the line along the eyelashes making the scar hidden almost invisible. He then removes fat from three pockets under the skin, he is careful not to remove too much otherwise you would have dark circles due to the hollowness.

The transconjunctival approach is recommended for patients with minor bulging, also known as the beginning stages of lower lid skin ptosis. The advantage of this specific approach is that there are no incisions made on the outside of the eye. It is done through the conjunctiva with a laser cut.

How much down time is involved?
You will have to come back to see Dr.Byun one week post surgery to have all sutures removed. You will experience significant swelling 24-72 hours post surgery. Also, significant bruising will occur. Oftentimes, the healing process differs, so you may find some sutures still in place until Dr. Byun feels proper healing has transpired. You should allow 3 months for complete healing,

Down time for subcilliary incision is 3-4 weeks until you could return to work with light duty.

Down time for transconjunctival incision is about 3 days.