For men and women who want a well balanced physique or would like more curves where there were none before, there is now an option: buttock implants (butt implants). This procedure can provide an improvement in buttock contour by increasing projection and creating a rounder and fuller shape. The insertion of a buttock implant can also provide the appearance of a lift to the buttock region. Unlike fat transplants which often shrink and become reabsorbed by the body the insertion of a buttock implant will produce a permanent enhancement of the area.

The buttock implant is made out of solid silicone and has a soft, natural feel similar to a well toned muscle. Buttock implants are available in several sizes and are shaped round or oval. The butt implant is usually inserted under the gluteal muscle or just under the muscle fascia. This butt implant procedure takes approximately an hour and a half and is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is hidden between the buttocks in the midline region. The butt implant does not affect sitting since it is placed away from the bony area of the buttocks.

The recovery period varies depending on the patient. If the implant is inserted under the muscle the area can be quite sore for several days. Walking is permitted and has been found to speed recovery by stretching the muscles which can become tight in response to surgery.

Buttock implants (butt implants) can be combined with liposuction of the lower back and thighs to provide further contouring of the region.